When I was in Seattle, if I was anywhere near the University District, I always went to the Sunlight Café for a salad because they had a salad dressing that must have been the best dressing in the world.  It was called Lemon Tahini Dressing.  I wanted to ask for the recipe but I had heard the story about the woman who asked for a recipe in a restaurant at Neiman Marcus in Texas and had then received a bill for over $200.00.

So, at home I tried to duplicate the recipe.  It had lemon juice in it, RIGHT?  It had tahini in it, RIGHT?  What could be so difficult about that?  But try as I would, I could not get it anywhere near right.  This effort went on for well over a year.

One day when I was in the restaurant partaking of my favorite salad, I thought, “What have I got to lose? If there is a charge that is too much, I can always say NO.”  So I asked the waitress if there was any chance she could give me the recipe.  She smiled and said, “Of course!” and brought it right out to me.  One lesson learned!  I left her a ten dollar tip.

When I looked at the ingredient list, the first thing I read was 24 CUPS OF SAFFLOWER OIL.  She had told me that it made 4 gallons and that I would have to do the math.  I did the math.

Here is a human sized recipe:

¼ c water
1/6th of a green pepper
1/6th of an onion
1 stalk of celery

1 c safflower oil
2/3 c roasted tahini
¼ c tamari
¼ c lemon juice

This is also delicious on rice and anything else you want to inundate it with.