I cannot remember when I had this dream.  The scene was my childhood home in Grass Valley.  My father was in the process of building a play house for Mary and me out of lath that someone had given us.  After he finished it, he wanted to use it for something else and did not want us to play in it.  But in my dream, he was still building it.

I was a cougar.  I mean I WAS this cougar.  I could feel exactly what it was like to be a cougar and to move like a cougar.  One expects cougars to be sleek and graceful.  Although they are sleek and graceful, they are also quite lanky.  Their hind quarters are higher than their front quarters.  I could feel that as I moved.

I saw my father at a distance.  Then I climbed a tree that was near where he was working and sat on a branch above him.  I looked at him intently.  The end of my tail started to move back and forth.  I was getting ready to spring.  I felt my muscles tighten.

Then I leaped on him and tore him to pieces.