Because the price of houses in Port Townsend was so low, after we bought the house there, Bob toyed with the idea of buying another as an investment—a rental property.  So on one of our trips up from Portland, we looked at another house.  We did not tell the real estate dealer that we already had a house in town; we said we were from Portland—which was of course true.  He immediately started giving us a sales pitch for the town.  One of the things he told us was that “It only rains at night in Port Townsend.”  

Although we didn’t buy a second Port Townsend house, we came away from that experience with this wonderful joke and bantered it back and forth whenever we felt a drop of rain.  However, after I moved there permanently, I was surprised at how often it was true.  Like “the four o’clock wind,” the rain also seemed to be on a timer, and obliged the inhabitants by turning on its sprinklers mostly at night.