“All the world’s a stage, and all the people merely players.”  After the play is over, all the players throw a cast party.

I believe in re-incarnation.  I believe that in each life we deal with new things, but mostly we iron out old agonies.  We are born here with a certain cast of people and given a chance to interact with them.  Hopefully, our interactions improve with each lifetime until it is no longer necessary to resolve anything with that particular person.

I am sure that when I shuffle off this mortal coil, there will be a lot of dear souls waiting.  And there will be a party– a reunion–our very own cast party.  We will laugh a lot.  We will laugh about things we agonized over in our lives.  We will say Thank you and I’m Sorry.”  We will say, “Yes, you really broke a leg kid!”  We will say, “Do you think we got it right this time“? We will say, “Or do you think we are going to need to do it again–to have another life together so we can try to make it better”?  We’ll say “I will volunteer to be your supporting character in the next play for the traumatic lead you have to go through, if you will be mine after that.”

It makes so much sense that we have to experience the things we have made difficult for someone else: that we have to experience cruelty if we were cruel or experience love if we have been loving.  It makes so much sense that we always have another chance to correct our mistakes and do better.  It makes sense that things should make sense.