“Don’t you worry, Love.  I’ll take you right to the door.”

In England many people call others “Love.”  “Now there, Love, you just go to the end of this street and turn right.” It made me feel so warm inside.

I was in Stratford on Avon.  There was a lot of traffic.  I needed to take a bus.  Ever since I can remember anything about city buses, the process of getting on one and getting off at the right place has always made me apprehensive.  As I got on the bus, I told the driver where I was going and asked if he would notify me of the right stop.  He said “Don’t you worry, Love.  I’ll take you right to the door.”  

The most wonderful feeling engulfed me.  I slumped down in a seat and put my full trust in this Buddha of Busdom. He was true to his promise.  He stopped right in the middle of a block, at the door of the place I wanted to go.  Then he said, “Here ye are, Love.”  I almost started crying.  All I could do was give him my most grateful smile and touch his hand as I passed him to get off the bus.