I kept remembering the past-life experience of the American Indian life and death I had re-lived during Body Electronics.  I wondered if it could possibly be true, or if it was some kind of hallucination.

I told my friend, Rima, about it.  She told me of a woman, Alitia Townsend, who lived in town and did past life regressions.  Rima was not a believer in “woo-woo” but she had gone to Alitia after a certain traumatic event and was told things about her past in this life that no one could possibly know.  It had shaken her non-belief somewhat.

I decided to go to Alitia for a past life regression just to see if she would mention the Indian life to me.  First she told me of other lives I had supposedly lived which I couldn’t relate to at all.  Then she said, “You were not always a woman.”  Now I was listening!  She said, “I see you as a young Indian warrior in the southwestern part of this country.  You are carrying a lot of anger.  You are in a skirmish with warriors of another tribe.  You are shot with an arrow in the chest and left to die out on the desert.  You were in great pain.  It took you a long time to die.”