When Juri came home on the evening of his birthday, the porch light was on and there was a sign on the door that said to go to the kitchen counter.  A sign there told him to mix himself a drink and then go to the bathroom.  A sign there told him to take a long leisurely bath while enjoying his drink, and then open his birthday present.  

His real (in-a-box) birthday present was a bathrobe.  I had made it of heavy peacock blue paisley satin with matching peacock blue velvet collar and cuffs and a matching terry cloth lining.  It was gift wrapped and propped up on the lavatory counter.  Pinned to the robe was another sign saying WEAR ME.  Protruding from the pocket was a note telling him to go to the bedroom.  On the bedroom door, the sign said to go to the closet.  On the closet door it said that inside was an ugly frog who had been bewitched, and if he kissed it, it would turn into a beautiful princess.  The frog was, of course, ME!  I was wearing the diaphanous gown previously described, and a little black velvet mask outlined in sequins. This kiss was the beginning of an orgy for two.  From there on the signs led him to stations all over the house with this strange woman who did not speak a word.  Signs at each station stated explicitly what sexually tantalizing thing he could do to her and she to him.  

We took our time.  Finally the signs led him to the end of the bedroom hallway.  A sign on the door to the party room said OPEN ME.  

When Juri opened the door he could not say anything for what seemed like three minutes. Finally he half whispered, “UNbelievable!”

After dinner at our beautifully set table, we carried in a mattress, put it on the floor and spent the night in our new magic room with the light from the dying fire flickering on the ceiling and walls.  As we were going to sleep, Juri said, “This is the most wonderful birthday I have ever had.”  I snuggled up to him.  Then he said, “No, this is the most wonderful day I have ever had in my whole life.”

I felt the same way.