I usually came to Juri’s house on weekends instead of him coming to mine.  The reason was that our favorite dancing place was the hall in Ballard, and we went dancing every Saturday night.  

Halloween at the Ballard hall was always costume night.  Juri had a black choir robe so one year I made a white backward collar for it so he could go as a priest.  At a thrift shop I found a tight fitting black nylon jersey dress that had a cape collar and a low neckline.  I decided to go as a fallen nun.  I wore a lot of makeup and jewelry, sheer black stockings with an ankle bracelet and high heeled black sandals that I had also gotten at the thrift store.  I had only paid $2.00 for the dress and knew I would never wear it again so I cut a slit up the side front.  Then I made a little white rimmed nun’s head piece with black cloth hanging down the back below my shoulders.

When we got to the dance, a man came up to us and said, “I can see that you are a priest, but are YOU a NUN”?   Juri said, “She hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it yet.”