A friend, Alby Baker, asked me to go with him to the Robert Jaffe School in Sedona Arizona for what he called “aura therapy”.  I had gone through enough therapy by then that I felt I really didn’t need any more.  But I wanted to see Oak Creek Canyon, and it would be fun to keep Alby company, so I agreed to go.

The claim of the Jaffe School was that they could teach people to see auras, that they could diagnose one’s maladies in this manner and also heal by working with colors.  Alby had a friend in Flagstaff who was kind enough to let us stay with her.  She had a large house and when assigning our rooms, flattered me by asking if we were a couple, which of course we weren’t, Alby being at least twenty years younger than I.  

Although I was not going to receive therapy, I was having one problem: ever since I had done BODY ELECTRONICS, I had had an intermittent but lingering pain in my ribs from the place where the arrow had been during my re-living of that death experience.  I had seen my doctor and been x-rayed, but there was nothing there.  The Jaffe therapy was not cheap, and the pain wasn’t so bad that I wanted to spend any money on it.

One day at the school, three of the students told me they would give me a free scan.  They said they needed the practice and I would be doing them a favor.  My “arrow wound” was hurting at the time, so I agreed but didn’t tell them anything about myself, Body Electronics or the pain.  They got their pads of paper and colored pencils and took me into a large empty room.  The colored pencils were to draw the colors of my aura.  The three of them sat around me but at a distance from each other.  I mention this because there was no way any of them could have seen what the others were drawing.

After they were through drawing, they showed me and each other what they had drawn.  The colors each of them had drawn were the same and each of them had drawn a black spot where my pain was.  They were not amazed that their drawings were alike, but I was.  One of them said the black spot was an old would and that she could fix it for me.  While she was sitting in a meditative state, the pain went away.  She then explained to me that she had mentally “darned it over with a gold thread.”  She said, “You can do it yourself.  It is just like darning a sock.”   She said that if I ever felt anything there again, to just imagine darning it with a gold thread.   A couple of years later, it did come back, I did darn it with a gold thread, and I have never felt it since.