In the summer time when the huckleberries were ripe in the mountains, mother would pack a tent, sleeping and cooking equipment in our car and our father would take us and James up into the mountains on the “Wapinitia Cut Off” to a campground called Bear Springs.  It was near Mt. Hood. We only had one car so Daddy would leave us there and go back home because he had to work.  We always stayed for two weeks, during which time we played in the woods, in the three foot deep pool that was at the center of the campground and picked huckleberries.

There were other campers staying there as well.  One that I especially remember was a man with a home-made tiny house built on the back of his pickup truck.  It was an adorable little house with window boxes for flowers at the windows, a pitched roof with real shingles and a tiny porch outside the door.   Inside he had rigged the interior so that the door and all the windows could be closed and opened from his bed with the use of clothes line rope and pulleys. 

One summer a young couple from California camped there.  The woman wore SHORTS!  It was the first time I had ever seen anyone, male or female, wearing shorts.  It seemed rather shocking.  Mother said it was OK if she wore shorts because she was from California where is was much warmer than it was in Oregon, and Californians wore shorts.