During the years that I headed up the UFO group in Port Townsend, there were many people with interesting tales to tell.  I will relate one that I think the most memorable.

One evening Eleanor Nelson came to the meeting.  She and her husband were both artists.  I had known them both since shortly after I came to Port Townsend, but she had not been to our group before.  She was nervous and fidgety, but she stood up and told her story.  It had happened some years ago, but she had never been willing to tell anyone except her husband.

The couple had a home on a cliff that overlooked Discovery Bay.  One night she had to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.  The room was flooded by a light that she thought at first was the moon, but it was the wrong direction for the moon.  She looked out the window and saw a UFO hovering right off the top of the cliff.  It was so close that she could see windows around the top part of its sides, all of them illuminated.  She even saw a shadow of what she thought was a human form walking past one of the windows.  There actually was a moon shining, so she could see the ship distinctly.  It was silver and the traditional UFO shape.  She watched transfixed until suddenly the whole ship started to glow.  Then it moved away very fast out over the bay.  She said she had never believed any UFO story she had ever heard and thought anyone who believed such a thing must be out of their minds.  When she saw this one so close, she was in shock for days afterward and, she said, “I still am in shock even though it happened four years ago.”

As she related this incident her hands and voice were shaking, and her face was pale.  No one doubted her story.  She looked ill when she left, and she never came back to another meeting.