A few months after our UFO group got under way, a man started coming to the meetings that nobody knew.  This was not so unusual because, due to my ongoing ad in the paper, new people continually arrived.  Some kept coming; some dropped out; some came intermittently.  

This particular person came every week.  He always sat at the back of the room.  He was immaculately well groomed.  He was always dressed the same; he wore pressed tan cotton pants, shiny shoes, a shirt and tie and a sleeveless V-neck sweater.  He was not like a jeans and T-shirt Port Townsendite.  In winter he wore a nice raincoat.  Whereas most people stayed to talk afterward, he never did.  He never introduced himself to anybody.  I can never remember him saying anything at all, ever.  

Once about fifteen minutes before the meeting started, when there were only a few people there, someone came into the room and said there was a bright light in the sky.  They asked if it could be a UFO.  We all went outside where it was just getting dusk.  This man was with us.  There was indeed a bright light in the sky low in the southeast where the full moon always was, when there was a full moon.  We stood staring at it.  Someone said it must be Venus.  I knew little about astronomy.  I knew that stars twinkle and planets give a steady light.  This was a steady light.  I said, yes it must be Venus, but I had never realized that any planet was so bright.  I noticed that “Mr. Slim and Trim” only glanced at the sky and then spent the rest of the time looking intently at US.  Wooooeuw.

After about the third year, we were told that we could no longer use our meeting place, which at that time was the community center, where we had moved from the library.  I was not sure where our next meeting would be held.  I announced this and asked everyone to sign their names to a sheet of paper along with their phone numbers so I could call them and let them know the next meeting place.  When I asked this man to sign the sheet, he shook his head and would not sign.  Our next meeting was at my house and continued to be.  This man never came again.  

At that time, anyone who had anything to do with UFO’s were being monitored by the government.  I think he was a government agent.