At another meeting with Juri after our break-up, he told me that the new government in Estonia was attempting to restore to previous owners, property that had been confiscated by the Russian government, and that he had inherited an apartment building in Tallinn.  He sent me a picture of it: a four story brick building.  He made a trip there, thinking he might move back to Estonia, but after staying a month or two, he was disillusioned and decided America was a better place to live.  However the inheritance was profitable and it allowed him an early retirement.

When I heard of his marriage and the purchase of a new house from Mall, I hoped it was in the country and that he had followed his instincts and become a farmer—or at least a gentleman farmer.  Mall said it was in the city near the children’s school.

Mall also informed me when Juri became afflicted with Alzheimer’s several years ago, and then of his death a few years later at the age of 72.

I never stop being fond of the people in my life and especially people I have loved.  I know he will be at my cast party.