Through the years of my adult life, I took part in various kinds of therapy, all of them beneficial.  They have been a vital part of my growing process and cured me of 1) uncontrollable crying about a great variety of things but especially if I ever tried to talk about my father, and 2) falling to the floor/ground/sidewalk due to my back giving way.

When I was still living in Portland, I met a chiropractic student, Jim Said, (pronounced sigh eed’) when taking a Yoga class.  He told me about Polarity Therapy, a form of acupressure that he was learning at the chiropractic college.  Despite his telling me that it was a painful process, I decided to try it for some problems I was having with my neck and back, and started going to him for treatments.  It consisted of what we would now call acupressure: applying pressure to various points on the body.  Besides being painful, when he applied pressure to certain points I would see various colors.  Once they were so distinctive I exclaimed about them out loud.  I said, “I am seeing red and green!”  He was not at all surprised.  He said, “Are they in a pattern like waves on the sea”?   I was the one who was surprised.  I said, “YES!”  Then he said, “And is the green in the valleys and the red on the ridges”?   Again I said yes.  He nodded and said, “Pretty soon they will change and the red will be in the valleys and the green on the ridges.”  And that is exactly what happened.  When I asked him how he knew about that, he smiled mysteriously and shrugged his shoulders.

During the time I was going to him, I experienced an emotional trauma.  On the first appointment after it happened, as soon as he touched me, he practically yelled, “What happened to YOU”?!  I told him what had happened.  At the end of the session, he told me that what I had experienced had set me far back and that it would take many extra sessions to get back to where I had been.  Ultimately, he helped my neck and back a great deal.  I am writing this so that others might know how our negative emotions can powerfully affect our physical bodies.

Although the different therapies I took part in happened far apart, I have put them all together for convenience.